Eindhoven Tattoo Convention, dancing on the vibes of Nico Duportal and Jai Malano

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Pieter and me went all the way to Eindhoven, “City of Light”, to dance to the set of Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes. They played at the Tattoo Convention Eindhoven Rock & Roll Afterparty. What a gig! In the second set, he invited Jai Malano from Austin, Texas to the stage. She has a striking appearance and an overwhelming voice. Jai mesmerized the audience with her raw, yet sultry, renditions of timeless Blues classics.

In this picture, you see me dancing with Stefan, from Germany. I already enjoyed a few dances with Pieter, my husband. He asked me for another one and I refused, telling him I was too tired. But a that point, Stefan asked me to dance. What else can a girl do than accept? Pieters face spoke volumes: a mix of amusigness and a hint of jealousy provided him with an adorable smile. We had a good laugh afterwards about my “unfaithfulness” and danced the night away.

I’m wearing my favourite cardigan with maribou bunny tail by Moschino. Got it at Rosier 41 in Antwerp. The seamed tights are by Falke. They are sheer to waist, which is very convenient while dancing. You don’t want the spectators around you to have to look up to a very unelegant black shorts-like upper part of the dancing ladies tights, do you? The patent leather shoes are Alain Manoukian. My grandfather, being a tapdancer himself, gave them as a present, years ago. They are still one of my favourite pairs of dancing shoes.

Tis picture was taken by Arjan Massar.

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