Ice-skating at the Christmas fair in Antwerp

Last Sunday, my dear friend Sofie Huybrechts asked us to go ice-skating in Antwerp. In the wintertime, the city of Antwerp organises an expansive Christmas fair located at the Steenplein, Suikerrui, Grote Markt and Handschoenmarkt. One of the nicest features of this fair, is the artificial skating rink they created on the Steenplein, next to the river Schelde. They’ve build the skating rink around the trees on the square, which makes it extra cosy and adventurous for the skaters. The only negative issue was the fact that we had to queue for about three quarters of an hour to get onto the ice. Also, they provided cute little penguins for the small kids to cling on to while skating, but they were all gone when we finally reached the counter. Lili had been watching ice-skating kiddies with their penguins for three quarters of an hour, so you can imagine the disappointment that befell her at that moment, and the challenge for us to cheer her up. Anyway, on the ice we went. This was the first skating experience ever for Lili, and it was still a bit too difficult for her. She spent most of the time sitting on her little behind, but we all enjoyed it very much.

Now, about the picture. The city of Antwerp has, of course, its own facebook site. That’s why they commissioned two photographers to take pictures from the visitors of the Cristmas fair. Of course, out the long queue, they picked us. They loved the combination Lili and Pieter, apparently. The sentence on the panel says “Come and warm yourself up on our city”. In a way, this picture doesn’t suit this blog very well, since I am completely underdressed here. I’m wearing absolutely no make-up at all, only a slight bit of YSL cream blush N°6. And my outfit…well… I wasn’t aware of the unfortunate location of the disabled parking sign above my head. Maybe thruth hides in a chance coincidence. Lili is wearing a hat and jeans from H&M. Her jacket is from Lili Gaufrette, beautiful and elegant kids wear, and I keep on enjoying the funny fact that it says “Lili” all over their garments. Her boots are Uggs, Toddlers Jorie II to be exact, she wears them barefeet, precisely as we were told. Pieter is wearing the Adidas hat he got from me this Christmas. The reddish of his beard contrasts sublimely with his blue Fred Perry jumper, combined with a Merc shirt. And then, Miss Fia herself… She wears the “Wij komen ons verwarmen aan ‘t stad” sign with elegance and gives us a radiant smile at the same time. This smile is beautified by a vivid Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition lipstick, Grand Cru N°8. Sofie was well equipped, since she brought her own skates. These are real beauties from Roces.

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