Rockabilly Day, a very hot goodbye to the summer

I can think of  worse ways to end the summer holidays… working for Frances Folies was the cherry on top of the cake of a wonderful sunny Belgian summer. Frances set up her beauty boudoir at Rockabilly Day in Evergem. Rockabilly Day is an annual vintage car, bike and music weekender, established by  James Laureyns in 2001. The basic and only idea behind this festival was some kind of ‘lazy sunday afternoon’, where people could come and enjoy the sun, a beer, the bands and the cars.

Me, Frances and Sylvie treated the ladies like queens and gave them te appropriate fifties pinup inspired make-up looks. What else is there for a girl to do, when the sweetheart or hubby is out there on the field yearning for that perfect muscle car, hotrod or kustom. We want some pinstriping too, don’t we?

It is always a delight to be part of Frances team, since she is an über perfectionist just like me. This results in a genuine and matching overall picture of pastel vanity mirrors, a collage of inspiring photoframes, a toile cirée on the make-up table upto a perfect vintage Las Vegas style tissue box. And then I din’t even mention our matching outfits, sponsored by Pinup Girl Clothing. We were wearing pencil skirts and dresses with a floral print with matching cross over front tops. F-f-f-f-fresh!

All of this resulted in an audience of ladies and gents watching our make-up activities and enjoying the cute and at the same time appealing look of our boudoir. We did not only draw the attention of passers-by and our clientèle, but also of the lads of the next door barbershop. Let’s say, that they didn’t mind us parading next to their booth nor did they take offence to the blonde beauties changing outfits behind the rotan screen. Some form of spontaneous burlesque, I suppose?

The biggest part of the heat was created by our old lady, the sun, however. She treated us with some sky high temperatures of about 30° Celsius. Steamin’! I tried to cool my feet in an ice bucket, which helped a bunch.

ice bucket


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