Golden ring with Rutilated Rock Crystal

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It’s very dangerous to take your wife to the precious stone wholesaler’s. I think, this must have been the conclusion my husband made when he left this store whith me, smiling because of our rock crystal catch, by his side. I joined him because of pure curiosity and started browsing the hundreds of translucent rectangular little boxes padded with white little matrasses in which all these gems and precious stones rested. To me, it had the atmosphere of a magical nursery. Long story short: I went crazy. The craze was completely on, when I discovered this rock crystal stone with inclusions of Rutile. The resemblance with blonde cut-off hair inside the transpant stone simply drove me out of my mind.

Rutile is the most common form of titanium dioxide and well known for its habit of forming needle-like inclusions within other minerals, especially Quartz, in the form of long and slender yellow straw-like crystals. These inclusions can range from scattered needles to dense parallel fibers within a host mineral. A well-known form of Rutile is in the form of dense golden-yellow needles of Quartz included within transparent, colorless Quartz. This interesting combination is known as Rutilated Quartz, and is used both as a collectors mineral and gemstone. The name Rutile is derived from the Latin “Rutilus”, in reference to a common color habit of this mineral.

Pieter designed a graphic golden ring to make this stone radiate. Subtle, though, because of its size, quite a statement.

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