Dries Van Noten Inspirations, an Introspective

What a special feeling, to be invited to my first official Bloggers event. I got the chance to experience an intimate tour through the introspective exhibition “Dries Van Noten Inspirations”, introduced by Karen van Godtsenhoven, curator of the MoMu Antwerp.

I always feel like an inquisitive child when visiting an exhibition, absorbing the words of the guide as a spongue and scanning the rooms as if I was on a hunt for hidden treasures. Born and raised as an Antwerp fashion addict, I have to love the work of our Antwerp Six beacon Dries Van Noten. But I must admit, that I never fully understood the driving forces behind his collections. The exhibition gave me more than a simple satisfaction of my hunger for new insights. Mr Van Noten doesn’t consider the artwork in the exhibition as a simple decoration, but combined different elements to give us a grasp on his creative process. The combination of these elements and how they are composed behold an unaffectedness that seems über logic to me. The way in which the designer spins his creative web in his mind ressembles the feeling I have when creating a make-up, hairstyling or styling look. One can be inspired by a simple fragment of an image, a person, music, an utterance or even a smell, as long as you know your classical backgrounds pretty well.

Most enjoyable was the fact, that we -and of course a lot of other pursuers of beauty- share the same fascinations. Dries Van Noten is inspired by punk and Vivienne Westwood (who should be queen of Europia if you ask me), animals,  Hitchcock, Jimi Hendrickx, The Piano, olfactoric pleasures, Spanish kitsch and dance-dance-dance! I will try to highlight only my top three eye-openers of this exhibition, in an attempt to tame my well-known prolixity.

  1. Etuis de trichoptères by Hubert Duprat. What a marvel. Duprat collaborates with Caddisfly Larvae to build aquatic cocoons from gold, pearls and turquoise gemstones. Unbeleavably beautiful.
  2. The scented walls by Sissel Tolaas. Sissel Tolaas is a Norwegian researcher, chemist and artist who is fascinated by the science and art of fragrances. She impregnated two walls with the scent of the earth and the smell of a damp garden. I didn’t want to leave this space, it was too addictive.
  3. Elsa Schiaparelli’s 1930’s evening gown and coats. I’m addicted to glamour and evening wear, so, what can I say. Elsa Schiaparelli forms one of the foundations of the idea we have now of what glamour and refinement should be.



Here we are, a fine selection of bloggers, at the new photowall at the entrance of the MoMu. Of course, I had to look up my favourite exhibition in this museum ever, “Birds of Paradise”, all about feathers in fashion, arts and performance. I’m wearing a backpack by MCM, got it at de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. My cardigan is Karen Millen. I’m chatting with Ianthe De boeck, ‎Social Media Officer at BOZAR and Camille Pollie, host of “Weekend Camille” at MNM radio and fellow make-up artist, two delightful ladies who definitely share my idea of enjoying beauty, having fun and delight in nibbling on a fine Boule de New York, offered to us after the guided tour.


The class of 2015 :-). The long black dress with high split is vintage Mango, glitter shoes by Tamaris and necklaces, of course, by Pieter Nulens.

After this event, my father asked me to go get a little electric heater at the site where we are building our new home, very nearby the Momu, and bring it towards our place in Deurne, where we live temporarily during the renovations. The result of this request was a rather funny appearance of me sitting on the tram wearing my glittershoes, my backpack, extremely long false lashes, yellow acryl nails and this dust-covered heater by my side. A lot of curious glances fell to me.


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